Planning the ultimate bucks or hens party

Sample the delicate and delicious Ink Gin at Husk Distillery

Typically, hens and bucks (also known as bachelor and bachelorette) parties are one last day or night out with friends before a couple ties the knot. It may go without saying that it’s advisable to not hold your bucks/hens party the night before the wedding as you may need to allow for ample recovery time.



Traditionally, the bucks party is organised by the best man and the chief bridesmaid for the hens. Although this still happens, nowadays it is common that the bride and groom will organise their own respective events. This is especially true if you are planning a more mellow event.


There are so many possibilities for hens and bucks parties and usually, the respective parties reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. Some prefer a big night out whereas many choose something more low-key.  The trends for these celebrations to be either wild or mellow seem to ebb and flow. 


Traditionally they were just a single night where the bride and groom would catch up with their friends for ‘their last night of freedom’; maybe things got out of hand, maybe they didn’t. Then (perhaps due to the Hangover film series), these parties seemed to escalate in all aspects – parties would go on for a week or more and often aboard. However, this trend seems to be winding down a bit in the last couple of years – with hens parties focusing more on high tea, brewery and distillery tours, winery tours or even day spas.


Northern Rivers

Fortunately, your options are plentiful when it comes to planning bachelor and bachelorette parties. Whether it’s a bucks party in Byron Bay or the ultimate Byron Bay hens weekend, whether you are looking for something low-key or want a big night out, I think we can all agree that usually, alcohol will play some role in your night.

Even if you think of yourself as a beer drinker, the famous and classy Brookies Gin will win you over

The craft beer and spirit scene in the Northern Rivers couldn’t be more ideal for you to explore some of the highest quality artisan drinks that you may normally not get the chance to try. Some distilleries, including Lord Byron Distillery, offer a ‘gin blending’ service. This would be a great way to take home a memento of the night and crack it open at a later date to keep the party going.


A day out before a night out

Before the imbibing begins perhaps you want a day of adventure and experience. For the ladies, themed photoshoots are always a great opportunity to get dressed up in a costume and have a laugh. Even pop open the champagne early for a bit of extra fun. For the gents, extreme sports are a popular choice – think white water rafting, skydiving, paintball or hiring out a race track.



For the cocktail lovers, a cocktail masterclass tour in Byron Bay might be the perfect way to start the festivities after a casual day. We have a tour that would be perfect for the occasion – getting to sample the best artisan spirits in the region and making your own signature cocktail. Explore the ethereal colour and taste of the botanicals in Husk Distillery’s famous Ink Gin or sip on a truly local and totally refined Brookies Gin on the well known Brook Family Farm nestled in the beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay.



For the beer drinkers, a brewery tour to some of the best craft breweries might be the way to go. Think Stone & Wood, Seven Mile and Byron Bay Brewery. Each brewery’s beer has a very unique depth of flavours that range from sour beers with a punch of citrus to floral and hoppy beers to dark beers with a malty-caramel undercurrent. These breweries all encapsulate the spirit of the Northern Rivers – using sustainable practices and local ingredients.


Stone & Wood Brewery Tour, Byron Bay


Whatever your plans are for your bucks or hens, we promise we have good vibes, local passion, beer, spirits and most importantly a designated driver covered. Behind the Barrel will do whatever we can to make sure your celebration lives up to everything you’ve no doubt been planning for weeks. Join us for a day to remember!

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