About Us

Working in tourism for the past 5 years the aim of my job was to show people a great time whilst seeing some of the best parts of Australia. With that, often at the end of a day of tour guiding I enjoyed sitting back and enjoying a beer….or 10! It has been over this time I discovered that I had a strong passion for beers and spirits.

I have travelled a lot of the world as a tourist as well as Australia during my tour guiding career, and throughout those experiences have drank many different and unique beers and spirits. Having now settled in Byron Bay, I was sitting at the pub one day not to long ago and it hit me, the craft beer and distillery scene in the Byron Bay area had really started to take off. It was then I realised I could bring my two passions together and show the rest of Australia and the world what the Byron Bay beer and spirit scene has to offer.

If you find out what you love to do then you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Well, I love a good frothie and to tell a good story plus you all need a designated driver and I like driving…..so I guess I’m half way there!