Do you do Private Groups, or Charters?

Yes, Most definitely, Please contact us via our contact page and let us know what you are after. If a tour is booked out already on the particular day you’d like to do the tour we can still run a separate Private/Group tour. We can customize the tour to suit your likes and needs. We can also pick you up and drop you to and from your accommodation. Please note we do prefer a minimum of 6 to do a private tour.


Can you do larger groups than 12 or 15?

Of course. We can take groups of over 40 people. If you have a Bucks/Hens/Birthday/Corporate we can accommodate for larger groups so feel free to contact us.


How much are your tours?

Our tours range from $129 – $169. They all include a large array of samples at each location


What if I don’t like beer?

No problem. You can substitute beer for other drinks the breweries offer. All of the breweries have either cider, wine, ginger beer and seltzer (alcoholic soda water) so you have plenty of other options. We do have a lot of non beer drinkers who end up finding few beers they like due to the very fruity and or “Non Beery” tasting beers. Gone are the days of just Lagers.


Is your tour like a Pub crawl?

No not at all, Similar to a Wine tour but with Beer and Spirits. You will get a background tour of each Brewery and distillery while getting to sample a lot more beer and spirits than you would on a wine tour aswell!


What If I drink too much?

Being a Brewery tour obviously you will get to sample lots of Craft beers. However we do not condone excessive or Binge Drinking. Responsible drinking is promoted and encouraged. Guests must at all times abide by state and federal laws regarding lawful drinking practices (e.g. Responsible Service of Alcohol). Service of alcohol may be refused to persons deemed intoxicated. If you turn up drunk or intoxicated before the tour starts or during the tour you can be refused and removed from the tour and will not be issued any refund.
Do not drive after one of our tours, we unfortunately cannot accept any responsibility for your ability to get home once our tours finish. At all times, the decision of the Behind the Barrels tour leader or representative will be final on all matters likely to affect the safety and well-being of the tour.


Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

Yes of course. Please let us know when booking the tour in the comments section about any allergies or dietaries.


What if I want to do the tour but have the kids?

As long as they have a legal guardian or parent all of our venues are child friendly. This however does fill one of our seats so they will be charged a fee. There a plenty of great babysitters in Byron also 🙂


How do I know which days you run tours?

This can all be seen via our bookings page. The calendar on each tour will show you in Green which days we run and what is available. If there is only a couple spaces left and you have a few more people wanting to do the tour even though it will go over the limit of seats please still give us a call or text as we may be able to open up more seats if you can’t go any other day.
If its easier give us a call on 0405 328 829 or 0498 364 919


Can you pick me up from my AirBNB or Hotel?

As long as you are close to the centre of town in Ballina, Lennox head and Byron bay we can definitely pick you up. Please let us know where you are staying in the comments when booking the tour. We still have a schedule to stick to so anywhere out of the area you may need to make your way to the closest designated pick up locations which you have to select when making the booking through our booking system.


Can we dress up in costumes on a Bucks or Hens Party.

Unfortunately not. Matching non offensive t-shirts are fine but anything over the top we will be refused entry. This goes for the Buck also. Breweries have very strict policies on this and will refuse entry and or make you get changed.


Do I need to be in a group to do the tour?

Of course not. We take single bookings. It is a great way to meet new friends and people to kick on with after the tour!


Can we buy take aways?

Certainly, We encourage you to buy takeaways to help support the local Breweries and Distilleries.