Coming into 2021

Photo by Wil Stewart on Unsplash

Summer is coming. BBQs, beaching and beers pretty well sum up the Aussie summer vibe. But this year it will be a little different. With COVID to think about, it’s up to us to make sure we still live it up and keep the tourism industry moving forward. 

With international travel not reopening in the foreseeable future, the tourism industry is relying on domestic travel to keep itself afloat. The NSW/VIC border will be reopening on the 23rd of November which is fantastic news for our region. Even though most of us will want to forget 2020, but don’t count it out just yet; there’s still time to have fun.

Get in quick!

Our Byron Bay tours have been booking out quickly as we move closer to Christmas so if you’re trying to string together a staff party or just need a holiday before Christmas, then book in now! We are proud to work with each and every one of the breweries and distilleries we visit and we get that it can be hard to decide between a Stone & Wood brewery tour or a Brookies gin tour. But if you know what you like, we can offer a customised tour, taking you to your favourite venues or those ones you’ve always wanted to try. 


And so I guess we should probably talk about the new year as well. I think this one will be even bigger than the 1999 new years. Sure, people were excited to be going into a new decade, century and millenium; but I think the COVID year will take the cake. On that note, what better way to celebrate than exploring the four best industries in the world in the most beautiful region in the world. That being craft beer, craft spirits, food, tourism and the Northern Rivers.

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for us at Behind the Barrel. There are a few things in the pipeline that we are working hard on to expand our tours to both more regions and more types of alcohol. All these plans are of course, COVID-dependent so fingers crossed that we will be able to follow through. I hope you’re as excited as we are. 

Welcome Victorians

And a warm welcome to our Southern cousins. I’m sure it’s nice to be out of lockdown and from the 23rd of this month we will be excited to host you up here in NSW. We cant wait for you to sample some of the Northern River’s finest craft beers and spirits and see how it compares to the beers down in the food capital. Jump on one of our full barrel tours to get the full local experience or customise your own to suit everyones needs. Whatever your choice, welcome out of lockdown and welcome back to NSW. See you soon!