Christmas is coming

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Wait, what month is it again?

If how fast this year has gone is anything to go by, dare we say that it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas party plans? Even COVID would be hard-pressed to take away the Christmas spirit; but trying to pull-off the notoriously hard to organise office Christmas party just might. Who’s in control of booze? Where should we go? How are we getting home?

Luckily for you, we are all about craft beer and spirits and great local venues. But perhaps the most enticing feature – we drive you there and back! With Christmas in July just finishing it seems like the right time to start dropping hints to your boss of where the office Christmas party should be.

If you find yourself trying to accommodate for everyone, we would love to help out. We are more than happy to arrange a custom tour based on your preferences. Not only can you choose the individual breweries and distilleries you would like to visit but we can also pick you up from your workplace or accommodation. However, if you do find yourself with only an afternoon to spare our Arvo Session is a great option. And if you want the full experience, the Full Barrel Trip is definitely for you.

So, what are your options?

Here’s a rundown of all the great, local craft breweries and distilleries that we visit.

Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood have rightfully cemented their place in craft beer history as well as in local’s hearts. Their flagship beer, the pacific ale, could easily be considered the original craft beer (they also have kombucha and cider for those who don’t like beer!). The Stone & Wood Brewery and Tasting Room is located in the trendy and bustling arts and industry estate in Byron Bay. With palms out the front and a modern, natural design inside and out, this brewery will instantly make you feel like a local. Stone & Wood are more than just beer, so don’t forget to check out all the great things they are doing for the community. You can also learn all about them on one of the Stone & Wood Brewery Tours.

Seven Mile

Named after the close-by and pristine Seven Mile Beach, this family-owned brewery is located in the coastal town of Ballina, just 30mins south of Byron. You can expect a fun and laid-back atmosphere with a modern industrial space and friendly staff. Their new breakfast stout, ‘Milo & Oatis’, is something locals and visitors will equally appreciate. Yes, they actually use the classic Aussie chocolate drink, ‘Milo’, in the brewing process. If you happen to find yourself flying in from somewhere, Seven Mile is located very close by to the airport. Perfect first thing to do once you’re off the plane, right?


The newest of the three breweries, this little gem is located in the alternative and progressive little town of Mullumbimby. Nestled just outside town with views onto Mt. Chincogan, there is truly nothing better than sipping on one of their beers whilst watching the sun slowly drop down behind the mountain. They are also one of the few breweries that offer a wine list for all those who prefer the grape to the malt. If the already nuanced brewing process wasn’t enough, the team at Wandana even play music to each beer whilst it’s brewing. Believe it or not, this does indeed make a difference to the flavour in the end. Who wouldn’t want a beer that’s been treated so well?!

Cape Byron Distillery

You may know these rainforest warriors from their truly local and well-renowned ‘Brookies Gin’. Everything, Cape Byron Distillery does connects back to their family-owned rainforest. They created beautifully distilled gin, whilst protecting the integrity of the rainforest and using only ingredients from it. Nothing artificial. For those new to the gin world, you might even know them from the muesli you eat each morning. Brookfarm Muesli also comes from the Brook Family rainforest. A classic Byron Hinterland view awaits you when you sit out on their deck; rolling green hills and lush rainforest. Once you’ve been on a Brookies Gin Tour, you’ll never look back.

Lord Byron Distillery

Lord Byron Distillery truly encapsulates the saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world. Lord Byron is a zero-waste distillery, and both the family farm and the distillery are powered by 100% renewable energy. In addition to producing premium handcrafted spirits (rum, gin, port, vodka, limoncello and other liqueurs), Lord Byron Distillery also create a naturally derived liquid fertiliser and cattle feed additive that can be used on the family farm as well as sold to other farms and gardeners; removing reliance on the mining and chemical industries to source the necessary nutrients. They also have a gin blending class where you can blend your own gin!

Yulli’s Byron Bay

Yulli’s Byron Bay is a 100% vegan, modern Asian restaurant. But perhaps the coolest thing about them is that their menu has been created around their own range of craft beer as well as other local spirits, vegan wine and cocktails. You may have heard of wine pairing but beer and spirit pairing is a whole other level. Let us guide you through a unique beer pairing experience, allowing you to try delicious, local produce alongside some great craft beer. Hidden in plain sight, in the middle of Byron, Yulli’s is once place you wouldn’t want to pass up on and should hold a spot on everyone’s Byron Bay day trip.

Don’t wait too long!

Well, have we convinced you? Beer drinkers, wine lovers and spirit enthusiasts alike can all enjoy a day out sampling the best local produce. Break free from the traditional Christmas party and join us for a day of good beer, good spirits, good vibes and good scenery. We would love to have you.